Roseville Public School

Facta Non Verba

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Volunteering at school

Helping out at school is a great way to get involved in your child’s education as well as get to know the staff and other parents and carers.

Research shows that children benefit when their parents or carers are actively involved in their education and school life.

You can help by:

  • listening to children read in the classroom
  • volunteering on sports days
  • helping supervise excursions
  • getting involved in fundraising activities
  • joining school committees.

School fundraising

Various fund raising and social events occur throughout the school year. Examples of such events include

  • Mothers' Day get togethers
  • Fathers' Day Breakfasts
  • Social Nights
  • Trivia Nights
  • Giant Raffles
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Spring Fairs

School grounds

Our grounds are maintained by the school's General Assistant.


An additional community service that our parents provide is called Tuckerbox. Tuckerbox is an organised team of volunteer cooks who ensure that there is always a supply of fresh and frozen meals on hand for anyone in our school community who, for whatever reason, could do without cooking a dinner. Foil boxes, recipes and instructions and even transport is all organised but cooks-on-call are always needed. Usually several days notice is given and you can choose to provide a frozen meal at your convenience, buy a yummy take-away something or supply a freshly prepared delight. If you would like to be involved in this worthwhile RPS project, please see the canteen coordinator for a form and simply drop it into the school office.