Roseville Public School

Facta Non Verba

Telephone02 9417 4107

School Vision

Roseville Public School enjoys a strong sense of community which is actively promoted and valued.

Our school encourages students, staff and the wider community to work together as a team to enhance the learning experiences of all students. We do this through effective teaching, a positive environment, good discipline and community participation.

Developing resilience, building relationships and a love of learning are the cornerstones upon which everything we do is built. Our learning environment reflects current, educational research and theory and promotes engagement, motivation and stimulation for our students. The school enjoys a strong reputation.

Families from interstate and overseas move into the area to ensure that their children can attend the school. The school has a number of programs in place to cater for the needs of individual students. The band and sports programs are acknowledged as exceptional. The Learning Support Team has developed specific programs to enhance the learning of all students. A variety of enrichment programs provides additional opportunities for students with special abilities and interests, including the Mentor in Residence programs which have focused in recent years on visual arts and philosophy.

Roseville Public School also has a strong focus on technology. There are computers in every classroom and in three computer laboratories with an interactive whiteboard in every classroom as well as in library and Tiered Learning Area. The Parents and Citizens Association and the School Council provide strong support and leadership in the development and funding of educational initiatives.

Sean Moran