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Students come to the library every week to borrow during their library lesson.

All students in K-4 must have a library bag for safely transporting books in order for them to be able to borrow from the Library. 

The loan period is one week. Books are considered overdue when this period has expired.

Overdue books

If books are overdue, students are expected to return books before borrowing again.

All books are returned for the long vacation.

What happens if a book is late, lost or damaged?

  1. A reminder note is given to the student
  2. An overdue note is sent home
  3. A letter asking for payment is sent home

If a book is damaged, please return it to school so we can try to repair it. If it is beyond repair an account may be sent home.

Book care

  1. Keep books in a library bag
  2. Have a special place at home for your library books
  3. Keep books away from babies and pets
  4. Have clean hands when reading
  5. Turn pages carefully
  6. Don't eat or drink while you read

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